Oak Street Baptist Church
  • Pray about your role in Vacation Bible School
  • Must have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Must love children and have a desire to introduce them to Jesus. Be prepared to talk with any child who asks questions about becoming a Christian.
  • Make a commitment to be in attendance each day, invest time in studying the materials, and participate in training and planning.
  • Commitment to prayer for the children who attend VBS and their families.
  • New this year, due to insurance guidelines and the security of the children, a background check will be required on all workers.
We are doing things a little different this year with the age group classes. The Nursery and 3’s- Pre-K class will have a lead teacher and assistants assigned to these classrooms. They will have a dedicated classroom space.  Classes for Kindergarten, Grades 1-2, Grades 3-4, Grades 5-6 and Youth will be rotating into a fixed class time of Bible Study. The Bible Study will be presented as a drama with people acting out the daily Bible Stories.  Children/youth in these classes will not have a fixed classroom where they assemble each day.  Their assembly point at the beginning of each day will be in the sanctuary to begin the worship rally.  
Security Team – Monitors the parking areas, other outdoor areas, entrances and exits.  Assists with the arrival and dismissal of children. Assists in other areas as needed. 
Crafts – In addition to the information listed under “Rotation Site Teams” – Plan age-appropriate crafts for Nursery - 3’s-Pre-K (in their classroom), Kindergarten, Grades 1-2, Grades 3-4
Snacks – In addition to the information listed under “Rotation Site Teams”- plan and prepare the menu each day, taking special note of any food allergies.  
Recreation - In addition to the information listed under “Rotation Site Teams” – plan age-appropriate activities for each of the classes:  3’s – Pre-K, Kindergarten, Grades 1-2, Grades 3-4, Grades 5-6 – Youth
Greeters – Welcome the children and their families each day and assist them to the appropriate locations, (worship rally, registration, etc.).  
Tech – Assists with technology related issues for sound, taking pictures, and recording video footage for the week.  Assists with posting photos to the website, Facebook, Instagram, etc., making sure that proper releases are obtained from parents/guardians.  
Crew Leaders – (Kindergarten, Grades 1-2, Grades 3-4, Grades 5-12) – Be familiar with the VBS scripture, each day’s Bible Story and “Today’s Point for each day.  Accompany the class to each rotation site each day.  Be familiar with the schedule and allow for bathroom breaks.  Have a plan for any downtime there may be while working on rotations.  Ensure that children are released to the appropriate adult.
Lead Teachers/Assistants for the following:  Nursery; 3’s-Pre-K; and Adults - Assign specific tasks to assistant teachers. Keep attendance records for your class. Lead in outreach activities to parents and children who indicate they do not have a church home.  Assist in obtaining needed supplies.  Study each day’s Bible materials. Lead the Bible study sessions.
Prayer Team – Prays for all aspects of VBS.  Distributes the “Prayer Calendar.  Leads a prayer walk using the “Prayer Walk Brochure.”  Assists with National Day of Prayer for VBS on Sunday, May 17, 2020.
Pre-VBS Crew – Plans promotion of the VBS event.  Invites the church and community to participate in VBS. Distributes flyers, calls church members, invites prospects, calls previous VBS attendees to personally invite them to VBS.  
Connections Team – Connects with prospects during registration, during VBS, and beyond. Conducts phone calls to parents/guardians during the week to thank them for bringing their children to VBS.  The team plans and leads follow-up events, visits prospects, and mails follow-up letters.  Team may assemble and label follow-up packages for children. 
Set-up/Clean-Up Crew – Assist with setting up for decorations, re-arranging classrooms, staging, etc.  Assist with restoring classrooms and stage are to former set-up.  Assist with decorating as needed.  
Rotation Site Teams – (Crafts, Music, Recreation, Snacks) Be familiar with the VBS Scripture, each day’s Bible story, and “Today’s Point” for each day. Be familiar with the schedule.  Have a plan for downtime and for those who complete their tasks early.  Make sure that children are released to the appropriate adult.  Assume responsibility for the cleanup of the site daily and at the end of the VBS week.  Prepare and lead the rotation time each day. Decorate the site to support the theme.  Participate in the VBS Celebration Event on Friday evening. 

Preschool Classroom Leaders/Assistants - (Nursery & 3’s – Pre-K) - Study and prepare the Bible lessons using the leader guide, pack, and learner guides.  Meet with the other leaders in the assigned room before VBS and divvy up r responsibilities. Obtain needed supplies and prepare all the leader pack items according to the instructions on each item. Prepare and decorate the Bible Study room. Greet preschoolers at the beginning of each day. Keep attendance records for the class. Lead each day’s Bible study. Ensure that preschoolers are released to the appropriate adult. Clean up the room at the end of the week. Participate in the VBS Celebration event.  Please note:  the 3’s – Pre-K class will complete their crafts and music in their classroom. They will only rotate to recreation and snacks.
Please click the following link to sign-up to volunteer for VBS: