Oak Street Baptist Church
Friday, April 27, 2018
A Place For Every Generation
Early in 1937, interested citizens of the Bungalow Community pledged and collected money to buy materials to construct a church in their community on land deeded for that purpose by Mr. Kirby. It was located across the street from the present church building on the opposite corner of Foch and Oak Streets (now Oakdale St). Church services were held in a brush arbor on Oak Street during the spring and summer of that year, while men of the community built the building. On September 30, 1937, a meeting was held in the new building for the purpose of organization. Those present included a delegation from First Baptist Church of Maryville, which was the sponsoring church. 
In a business meeting on January 7, 1938, plans were made to organize a Women’s Missionary Union (WMU).  The Brotherhood was not organized until 1956.  

In August of 1938 the first deacons were ordained, with Brother Baldridge from First Baptist Church of Maryville and the pastor from Calvary Baptist Church of Alcoa in charge of the ordination service .  Also in August, we sent messengers to represent the church for the first time at the 54th annual session of the Chilhowee Baptist Association, held at Liberty Baptist church in Maryville. 

On June 11, 1939 the church, being debt free, was dedicated to God.  In 1940, plans were made to remove the dirt under the church for a basement.  Money was borrowed and construction began to finish the basement for use as classrooms.  On the 6th of May 1945, a dedication service was held and the note for the improvements was burned.
In July 1946 the church began to look for land on which to build a parsonage.   In August a lot was bought from Mr. Fred Proffitt for $150.00 and the parsonage was started immediately, with men from the church helping build it. It was dedicated debt free and the note burned on November 8,1953.  Also that year a baptistery was installed in the church, and a committee was formed to investigate the possibility of purchasing the old Bungalow School. 




Plans were started in 1962, and the present building was completed and used for the first time in January 1964. The old school was torn down and this building was declared debt free in nine years.
With just two books, a library was started in April 1971, and today we have a library that is one of the finest in our association for a church our size.
The education addition was started and completed in 1978. 


Part of the pulpit in use today, was made from the pulpit used in the first little church.  The table in the vestibule was purchased for $15.00 in 1947.

Several persons who attended services held in the brush arbor and the first little church later became members of this church and are still with us today.


At a public sale on the 27th of February 1954, the trustees bought the school and land for the sum of $5600.00.  The old church was sold and torn down, the land deeded back to Mr. Kirby, and the school was used as our church for the next ten years.